What is an Innovation Hackathon?

The fact you are here reading this probably means you’ve heard about our ground-breaking femtech innovation hackathon – HackHERhealth. It probably means you are passionate about making change in society. It probably means you have an interest in tech or in female healthcare. It probably means you are a curious mind …

Well, whatever is driving you to this page, we need you! This is the beauty of an innovation hackathon, it is a creative and collaborative event for absolutely anyone who is curious, passionate and driven. The main purpose of an innovation hackathon is to come up with and develop new ideas and solutions to a problem, and we believe that comes best from bringing together diverse groups of people to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and fresh perspectives. Some cool innovations to come from famous hackathons include the beloved ‘Discover Weekly’ feature on Spotify and the extremely well known ‘like’ button on Facebook.

Aside from generating new ideas, hackathons catalyse collaboration, which means you can all learn new skills and cool stuff, as well as generally just improving your overall teamworking ability. Finally, it’s a way to really make a difference to society through ideation, mentorships and further development of your solutions.

All of the following combinations are welcome to take part:

    • Good idea, but no team = welcome!
    • Good idea, and with team = welcome!
    • No idea but with team = welcome!
    • No idea and no team = welcome!

    So, regardless of gender or background, if you’re a generalist or a specialist, an arts person or a science person, a tech person or healthcare professional, or anything else for that matter, you are invited to take part in this femtech innovation hackathon and hackHERhealth.

    Proudly hosted by Health Innovation West, GoCo Health Innovation City, and Sahlgrenska Science Park, and generously funded by AstraZeneca, HackHERHealth is a collaborative effort supported by key players like Microsoft, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Eventornado, Pristine Agency, AI Sweden, Girls in Tech, GAIA and DAYA. A prime example of how collaboration can bring about change.

Join the Femtech Innovation Hackathon & Help Us Close the Gender Health Gap