What is Femtech?

Femtech (short for “Female Technology”) refers to software, diagnostics, products, and services that leverage technology to improve women’s health and wellbeing.

Who can participate in the Femtech Hackathon?

Everyone, regardless of gender, who is interested in innovating and creating solutions for women’s health and wellbeing is encouraged to participate. This includes, but is not limited to, software developers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and students. Coding experience is not required, as innovative solutions encompass a wide range of skills beyond programming. Additionally, this is a hybrid event with both online and in-person participation options, allowing individuals from around the world to join virtually.

What kind of projects are expected in a Femtech Hackathon?

Projects can range from a variety of solutions that address specific issues in women’s health, such as fertility solutions, period-tracking apps, pregnancy care, women’s sexual wellness, and chronic diseases more prevalent in women. This includes software applications, hardware solutions, or services that do not necessarily require coding experience. Additionally, our aim is to foster innovation by providing tools to utilize generative AI, accessible to both non-technical and technical specialists, to enhance the development of impactful solutions.

Will there be any mentors or professionals available for guidance during the Hackathon?

Yes, during the hackathon there will be few mentors and industry professionals available to provide guidance and support.

What are the judging criteria for the Hackathon?

Judging criteria often include factors like the relevance to the theme (femtech in this case), innovation, feasibility, impact, and the quality of the presentation/demonstration. However, specific criteria may vary based on the chosen challenge. For general evaluation criteria please refer to our Hackathon Rules.

I am not based in Gothenburg! Can I still apply?

Absolutely! The HackHERHealth Hackathon welcomes participants from around the world. With both in-person and online participation options available, individuals from any location can apply and contribute their expertise to the event. Please keep in mind that our schedule operates on CET/CEST time.

What is an Innovation Hackathon?

An Innovation Hackathon is an intensive event that brings together diverse groups of people to collaboratively work on finding innovative solutions to specific challenges within a designated field, in this case, women’s health and wellbeing. Participants form teams and are given a limited amount of timen to develop and present their ideas. The goal is to encourage creative thinking, rapid prototyping, and problem-solving, ultimately leading to the creation of impactful and practical solutions. These events feature mentorship, workshops, and access to various resources to support the development of ideas.

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